The Untold Story of the Teddy Bear
The Untold Story of the Teddy Bear


The Untold Story of the Teddy Bear solves a mystery in the history of the Teddy Bear. When the Steiff Company of Giengen, Germany created what we know as the classic Teddy Bear in the fall of 1902, the first to be made of mohair with movable arms and legs, no one would buy it. After being presented to toy buyers in the United States and Europe, no one was interested, partly due to its cost, size, and weight. Then along came a toy buyer, in the spring of 1903, who saw it on display at the Leipzig Spring Fair in Germany, and bought 3,000.

According to the Steiff Company, they have no document that reveals the buyer’s name. The only record they have is the amount of the sale, though they know he was an American representing an American company. Read more

Patricia Thorne

About Patricia Thorne

Patricia Thorne, who has a BA in Fine Arts from Ohio University, in Athens, Ohio, is a writer, photographer, and graphic artist who began her business career in advertising in Chicago in 1952. It was there that she met her former husband, William Woolway, an art director and exhibiting artist. Read more


Excerpt from the Book

If I had one wish to make, it would be that my grandfather, Albion Parris Thorne, were at my side as I wrote this story of his life. Read more

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